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Prices to Change Locks

Locksmith Job TypePrice Estimate
(subject to VAT)
Time to Complete Job
(approx time)

Changing a Standard euro cylinder lock on uPVC door

from £8020 — 40 minutes

Changing an Anti snap euro cylinder on uPVC door

from £10020 — 40 minutes

Changing a Mortice lock (deadlock or sashlock)

from £11030 — 60 minutes

Replacing a Night Latch (Yale Lock ) on wooden door

from £8530 — 60 minutes

Changing a Rim Cylinder

from £65
20 — 40 minutes

Replacing a Patio door lock

from £85

30 — 60 minutes

Replacing a Garage door lock

from £80
30 — 60 minutes

Fit a uPVC Door Handle

from £85
30 — 60 minutes

The cost to change the locks can start from £80 for a basic euro lock cylinder to £115 for replacing a mortice lock. The price to replace a lock depends on the type of lock, brand & security standard.

The below locksmith prices are estimated costs of how much a locksmith charges to change and replace all types of locks from front & back door locks, uPVC door locks to patio door, window & garage locks.

Why Prices Vary For Replacing Locks:

  1. Brand of lock being replaced
  2. Standard of lock being changed ( British Standard or Non-BS standard)
  3. Time of day if out of hours or normal working hours
  4. Where you live (i.e will be more expensive )
  5. Time taken for locksmith to complete job
  6. Distance locksmith has to travel

Prices to Open Door & Unlock House

Prices to Unlock House & Open Door

The cost to unlock and open a locked door can start from £70, the price can vary though due to the type of lock & door being opened, as some locks are easier to open than others.  Also some types of doors have more than one lock fitted, so will require two locks to be opened.

Why some locks & doors are more expensive to open

There are various types of opening techniques, so if someone is locked out there are different ways to get them in.

In some cases the lock is quick & easy to open such as basic euro cylinders, but some locks are trickier and take longer.

Unlocking UPVC/Composite Door

If your uPVC door has a basic cylinder lock these can be easy to unlock, but high security anti-snap locks usually require specialist tools and knowledge so that could make the job more expensive.

Unlocking Wooden Door

For wooden doors most can be simple to unlock, but you might have 2 security locks on them. If so opening 2 locks is more expensive, remembering if you do have to damage the locks you will need replacement locks as well.

Replacing Lost Key Cost

The cost to replace keys all depends on how many locks will need to be replaced in the home. 

Prices to Repair Locks

Price to Repair Locks

The cost to repair a door or window lock that is faulty or damaged can start from £40 for repairing a internal door lock to £60 for a front or back door lock. The price to fix a lock will depend on the time taken to repair the lock, if any parts are needed and also the actual lock type.

Lock Repair Cost Factors

The main cost factor in repairing any door lock or handle will be labour costs involved and if any lock parts need replacing.

Also note if having a lock repaired out of hours this may increase the cost.

Price Of Door Locks

Price Of Door Locks

The cost of a replacement door lock without any labour charges can start from £20 for a basic cylinder lock for a uPVC door, a BS3621 Mortice deadlock will cost from £30 to £80 for a Night latch BS3621 approved.

Euro Cylinder Lock Prices

A basic euro cylinder lock replacement for a uPVC door lock will cost from £20 and will be cheaper to replace than a high security anti-snap cylinder.  An anti snap cylinder will cost from £50 to replace, the price will vary on brand and standard of cylinder being changed.

Security Note: Fitting a basic euro cylinder may result in your locks being at risk to lock snapping, basic cylinders are not tested against snapping.

Night Latch ( Yale Lock ) Prices

The average price of a basic night latch ( Yale Lock ) will cost from £25, the price will vary with each brand of lock, and also the type of night latch, a auto deadlocking will be more expensive but offers more security.

Any British Standard approved night latch conforming to BS3621 will cost roughly from £75 per lock.

Mortice Lock Prices – More than one type

Mortice lock are usually more expensive than basic euro cylinder locks.

Mortice locks vary slightly in price due to the different types available such as:

  1. Category of Mortice Lock– Cylinder Mortice Lock or Lever Mortice Lock
  2. Type of Mortice Lock – Mortice Deadlock or Mortice Sash lock
  3. Number of Levers*– 2 lever, 3 lever or  5 lever, the more levers usually means a higher priced lock.
  4. Mortice Lock Standard– Non-British Standard locks again are usually less expensive e.g: 5 Lever Non-BS3621 or 5 Lever BS-3621.

*Typically, the more levers a mortice lock has, the more secure the lock is.

Why Lock Prices Vary

Again prices of any door lock will change dependant on the following:

  1. Brand of lockSome brands are more expensive than others ( well known brands include e.g Mul-T-lock, Yale, DOM, ERA etc.. )
  2. Size of lockMost locks are available in different sizes, a larger lock is usually more expensive ( e.g Deadlocks, Sashlocks )
  3. Lock StandardBritish Standard approved locks are more expensive than standard non-BS approved locks.

High security euro cylinders approved to SS312 Diamond & Ts007 3 are usually more expensive than basic cylinders.

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Yes! All our locksmiths actually live within the locality they serve or close enough for a short commute. Not only does this mean they can be with you quickly (usually within 30 minutes) but it also means you are helping to support a local business rather than a company which has no interest in your community.
Yes! Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at LocksmithService24. Our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship and our customer service team is available 24/7 to discuss any queries on 0161 9496 0194. We’re also CHAS accredited and ISO9001 registered which demonstrates we take our health & safety responsibilities seriously.
We accept all major debit and credit cards and will also take cash on site. Payment can be made via a card terminal carried by our locksmiths or payments can be made by calling our head office and a receipt will be given.
All of our locksmiths are DBS checked and professionally trained for your peace of mind and security. A DBS check (previously known as a CRB check) is a list of records that show an individual’s Cautions, Convictions, Reprimands and Warnings and can also include information held by the police.
Please make sure we have a valid contact number for you (mobile/neighbours landline, etc) and that you are able to answer the phone in case the locksmith has problems locating you. Please don’t tamper with the lock yourself as you could cause additional damage which may prove expensive to repair.
If the lock is a standard rim cylinder type (Yale/Euro Cylinder) then in most instances entry can be gained within a matter of minutes. More complex locks such as five lever mortice deadlocks will take longer due to their inherently secure nature.
Our locksmiths open doors using specialised techniques, knowledge and experience. They’re trained to open doors using the latest non-destructive techniques and tools to get you back in without unnecessary damage to your locks or doors where possible. See our article How do locksmiths open doors? for a more detailed explanation of the process.


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