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Cheap car lock change IN Blackley

We kindly ask you to contact us in the event of a malfunction of the locking mechanism, without waiting for a complete failure. This will significantly affect the cost of repairs. It is also undesirable to use WD-40, due to the washing out of the factory lubricant.

Search and delivery of car mechanisms and cylinders in case of a replacement are carried out under additional agreements.


Any problem with a car can cause a headache for its owner. It is a consequence of the fact that the car is a complex system consisting of subsystems that play a corresponding role and are extremely important.

So, the slightest malfunction of the central locks will prevent you from enjoying all the conveniences of your iron “horse.” In such cases, it is worth resorting to the help of an auto locksmith who is well versed in all the intricacies of the locking mechanisms.

We are specialists in the repair and maintenance of mechanisms for ignition, doors, hood and trunk. Any malfunction is a temporary problem that can be eliminated.

Our technical assistance works extremely fast; therefore, we do not recommend attempting to handle the situation on your own. After all, where is the guarantee that everything will go smoothly?

In order to avoid unnecessary costs, it is better to contact local pros. To force the actions as much as possible, the team of specialists will immediately change the car lock, if necessary. Repairing the lock is the most rational option.

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However, we live in different times now. The car keys specialist of our company can make a copy using the most modern technologies. For decoding the mechanical codes and subsequent copying, we use equipment with numerical control. You will avoid having to replace and reprogram locks. If after losing the keys you need to quickly access the cabin, our locksmith can open the door without damage.

Our company provides keys duplication service for any purpose: a house, apartment, motorcycles and mopeds. Why should you choose us when there are many similar offers?

Because we work only with high-quality equipment and there is no place in our team for untrained personnal, we guarantee quick production of key copies without defects.

Very often, people go to regular workshops and end up with an absolutely wrong product. Such a possibility is excluded with us. Also, we offer a range of related services: safe lock repair and 24/7 opening of metal doors.

We can open the lock if you have lost the key to your apartment or car. A key duplication process doesn’t take a lot of time. Our specialists always keep up with the latest standards in the industry, which means that making keys for complex locking systems is not a problem for us.

Car lock change near you in Blackley image
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Auto locksmith Car locks change in Blackley

The gearbox lock, as a rule, is developed by the manufacturers of modern car models, taking into account the existing quality requirements and are distinguished by high reliability. Unfortunately, the same can’t be said about trunk locking devices; manufacturers pay much less attention to them, and therefore such mechanisms often break.

So what to do if the trunk lock suddenly fails? Of course, you should contact a professional auto locksmith, because otherwise, most likely, a complete lock changing will become inevitable.

Car trunk locking mechanisms change is a fairly simple and not very laborious process. However, if you do not have the necessary knowledge and technical skills, as well as reliable equipment at your disposal, then it is better to skip the experiments. Contact us, and you won’t overpay a penny.

We guarantee the complete safety of the property that you keep in the trunk, and will provide you with unrestricted access to this compartment of the car. All repairs are carried out at the highest quality level, quickly and competently.

We can’t be completely insured against accidents, and don’t know what may happen to us tomorrow. As a rule, unpleasant situations arise at the most inopportune moments, especially for car owners.

Call us if you need repair, replacement, opening or installation of the hood lock. We repair locking devices of any configuration and complexity. Most drivers know that the hood is an integral and important part of the anti-theft complex, and the protection of the car largely depends on it. Hood lock replacement is a challenging task for someone who knows little about the procedure.

We will change the device with a product that has better characteristics for securing your car. Our large selection of locking mechanisms will allow you to choose the most suitable model. After you decide on the type of lock, mechanical or electronic, we will take care of the rest. If you are unable to open the hood, you may be having problems with the lock.

We can open the hood lock in the shortest possible time at minimum prices. In-depth knowledge of car locking devices and practical skills, allows our craftsmen to provide many different services in accordance with the client’s requirements.

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I used Locksmithservice24 recently. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent service and workmanship.It is good to find a tradesman you can trust.




I used Locksmithservice24 recently. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent service and workmanship.It is good to find a tradesman you can trust.


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I used Locksmithservice24 recently. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent service and workmanship.It is good to find a tradesman you can trust.


Frequently asked questions

  • Are your locksmiths local?

    Yes! All our locksmiths actually live within the locality they serve or close enough for a short commute. Not only does this mean they can be with you quickly (usually within 30 minutes) but it also means you are helping to support a local business rather than a company which has no interest in your community.

  • How can I pay for work?

    We accept all major debit and credit cards and will also take cash on site. Payment can be made via a card terminal carried by our locksmiths or payments can be made by calling our head office and a receipt will be given.

  • What should I do while waiting for the locksmith to arrive?

    Please make sure we have a valid contact number for you (mobile/neighbours landline, etc) and that you are able to answer the phone in case the locksmith has problems locating you. Please don’t tamper with the lock yourself as you could cause additional damage which may prove expensive to repair.

  • How do your locksmiths open doors?

    Our locksmiths open doors using specialised techniques, knowledge and experience. They’re trained to open doors using the latest non-destructive techniques and tools to get you back in without unnecessary damage to your locks or doors where possible. See our article How do locksmiths open doors? for a more detailed explanation of the process.

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes! Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at LocksmithService24. Our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship and our customer service team is available 24/7 to discuss any queries on 0161 9496 0194. We’re also CHAS accredited and ISO9001 registered which demonstrates we take our health & safety responsibilities seriously.

  • Are your locksmiths vetted?

    All of our locksmiths are DBS checked and professionally trained for your peace of mind and security. A DBS check (previously known as a CRB check) is a list of records that show an individual’s Cautions, Convictions, Reprimands and Warnings and can also include information held by the police.

  • How long will it take for the locksmith to gain entry?

    If the lock is a standard rim cylinder type (Yale/Euro Cylinder) then in most instances entry can be gained within a matter of minutes. More complex locks such as five lever mortice deadlocks will take longer due to their inherently secure nature.


We give 10 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and60 days guarantee on all workmanship our customer service team online and available 24/7 to discuss any queries on


LocksmithService24 is CHAS accredited and OHAS18001 registered which demonstrates we have proven our ability to consistently provide products and services which meet customer take our health & safety responsibilities seriously and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

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