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Door locks are divided into surface-mounted and mortise. The former type is commonly found in wooden doors, since creating an insertion slot in the wooden structure makes the installation site of the lock vulnerable. Mortise locks are more suitable for metal doors. Further, the designs are divided into one-sided and two-sided.

One-sided locks after installation are opened only from the outside with a key, double-sided locks are more reliable and can’t be opened without a key from the inside due to their design. The most popular today are the so-called English lock models, the installation of which takes no more than ten minutes. The key has a complex shape with many holes and cutouts. Lever locks are considered more reliable.

You have probably met with them; the key to them has a shape of a rod with barbs; the more barbs, the more reliable the design. If you want to increase the reliability of the lock, our qualified locksmith can supply special armour plates made of durable alloy steel, which will protect the lock from the impact of a drill and removing it from the door in any other mechanical way.

Armour plates are designed to provide additional protection of the cylinder from external mechanical impact, such as drilling and knocking out. The cover consists of two metal plates, an external and an internal, pulled together through the door and the lock case with two powerful steel screws.

The outer cover is made of special hardened steel with a polished brass, bronze or chrome finish. The actual cylinder body is covered by a polished steel plate with a rotating insert that has a hole for the key. The adjustable position of the steel plate, up to 5 mm, makes it easy to select and install the appropriately sized cylinder. Long connecting screws allow the use of the armour plate in a wide range of door thicknesses, up to 110 mm.

Installing an invisible lock in a steel door significantly increases its resistance to burglary since the lock can’t be detected from the outside, which baffles the burglar. Such a mechanism is controlled remotely and doesn’t have any external controls. It can’t be clogged with debris, filled with glue, or detected for mechanical manipulations.



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Today, with increasing frequency, you can encounter the latest developments in lock systems: biometric, code, electronic and other modernized devices. Unfortunately, the keys to these doors can also be tampered with, lost or stolen.

If you accidentally lost the key to the lock of any complexity, call us. The locksmith will open the door and install a new mechanism so that you are not worried about the safety of your property, wondering who might find the key. Keep in mind, if you are going to change the mechanism, the door and the lock must be compatible.

We do not recommend installing oversized and heavy models in wooden doors as this won’t give you adequate protection of your property. Remember, the chain is only as strong as its weakest link. Installing a heavy lock in a wooden door will only weaken the structure compromising the security.

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Electromechanical locks hold the door with a mechanical bolt and therefore require much less energy than a magnetic lock. In addition to magnetic cards, electronic keys and a code, electromechanical mechanisms can be opened with a standard key or a handle. Besides the installation and change of electromagnetic and electromechanical locks, we also install the so-called electric strikers used in conjunction with a conventional mechanical lock.

The name speaks for itself; it is an electromechanical lock with integrated cylinder opening system. It can be two-sided, in this case, the lock can be opened with a key from the outside, or one-sided, the insertion site is hidden from the intruder and can only be opened from the outside using electronic opening systems, such as a remote control.

Mortise electromechanical locks of the ABLOY EL412/EL413 series are designed to close and open building doors under the control of an access control system. Unlike the previous series 8380/8381, models EL412 and EL413 are fully compatible with door automatics and are equipped with a lightweight bolt. EL412 and EL413 differ from each other in that the EL412 mechanism is normally closed, and EL413 is normally open.

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LocksmithService24 managed to open are stuck UPVC door without any damage. He turned up promptly at the agreed time.Even though this job required a second visit due to a discontinued part, he found what was needed and did not charge any extra! Polite and friendly service i will be recommending to friends.
- Helen P.
I used Locksmithservice24 recently. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent service and workmanship.It is good to find a tradesman you can trust.
- Steven H.
Just had Locksmithservice24 specialist come out to help me open a jammed lock and he did the business. Turned up early, which was nice, then fixed the lock without causing any damage to the door at all. Proper professional. Thanks
- John B.
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Electromagnetic or electromechanical locks are used in high-tech access control systems. They allow to completely exclude unauthorized access to premises for unwanted individuals. The magnetic lock helps to keep the door closed with a powerful magnet; it stays engaged due to a constant flow of voltage.

Our locksmith can install a reliable magnetic mechanism, which will allow you to remotely control the door and restrict access; such locks are extremely convenient to use and can be opened both with electronic keys and magnetic cards, as well as with a code.

The magnetic device consists of a magnet, installed at the top of the doorway, metal plate, mounted directly on the door, and an additional power supply. The models we offer almost completely eliminate the possibility of picking a code or hacking a reader for Touch Memory electronic keys, magnetic or proximity cards.


Trying to install the lock on your own, you run the risk of spending half a day on the task and damaging the surface of the door, be it wood or metal. Dozens of locks pass through the hands of our locksmith team every day, which we professionally install. The lock insertion point will look neat and reliably protect your house, office or summer cottage.

We have been working with locks for several years, specializing in all services: installation, opening and repair. We guarantee you cleanliness, accuracy, quality and reliability. It is better to entrust your protection and safety to a professional who will select and install the lock, than attempting it on your own without sufficient information and experience.

We are always ready to select a reliable lock model depending on your budget or security needs; CEIA, ABUS, MUL-T-LOCK and others, conventional or electromechanical, the latest novelties or time-tested models. The locksmith will always give qualified advice based on many years of experience.

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Frequently asked questions about our locksmiths and the locksmith services we provide.

Yes! All our locksmiths actually live within the locality they serve or close enough for a short commute. Not only does this mean they can be with you quickly (usually within 30 minutes) but it also means you are helping to support a local business rather than a company which has no interest in your community.

Yes! Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at LocksmithService24. Our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship and our customer service team is available 24/7 to discuss any queries on 0161 9496 0194. We’re also CHAS accredited and ISO9001 registered which demonstrates we take our health & safety responsibilities seriously.

Please make sure we have a valid contact number for you (mobile/neighbours landline, etc) and that you are able to answer the phone in case the locksmith has problems locating you. Please don’t tamper with the lock yourself as you could cause additional damage which may prove expensive to repair.

If the lock is a standard rim cylinder type (Yale/Euro Cylinder) then in most instances entry can be gained within a matter of minutes. More complex locks such as five lever mortice deadlocks will take longer due to their inherently secure nature.

Our locksmiths open doors using specialised techniques, knowledge and experience. They’re trained to open doors using the latest non-destructive techniques and tools to get you back in without unnecessary damage to your locks or doors where possible. See our article How do locksmiths open doors? for a more detailed explanation of the process.

We accept all major debit and credit cards and will also take cash on site. Payment can be made via a card terminal carried by our locksmiths or payments can be made by calling our head office and a receipt will be given.

All of our locksmiths are DBS checked and professionally trained for your peace of mind and security. A DBS check (previously known as a CRB check) is a list of records that show an individual’s Cautions, Convictions, Reprimands and Warnings and can also include information held by the police.


We give 10 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 60 days guarantee on all workmanship our customer service team online and available 24/7 to discuss any queries on


LocksmithService24 is CHAS accredited and OHAS18001 registered which demonstrates we have proven our ability to consistently provide products and services which meet customer take our health & safety responsibilities seriously and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

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