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Reprogramming car keys in Blackrod

Have you lost or broken ignition key with a chip? It is a problem, but not a critical one. You can order a new car key from our company at an affordable price. We will reprogramm new key as quickly and efficiently as possible; and then, you can go about your business, as if nothing had happened.

Car key is programmed in several cases: failure of an original key or the loss of one of the devices that provided access to the management of the car. In the first case, the software is prescribed on the blank that allows you to influence the electronic security system.

In the second case, it is necessary to make adjustments to the immobilizer program of the car itself in order to exclude extraneous influence and theft. There is also such a thing as re-typing a key. If the system malfunctions and the car does not recognize the native chip, the specialist is called to eliminate the conflict.

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Key programming is a procedure that is performed using expensive special equipment. Our master will drive out to your car and fix the problem. If you have a car key blank with copied entries of an immobilizer, a visit to the site is not necessary. Before proceeding with the programming, we need to see documents confirming the ownership of the car.

Our company is large enough and has the equipment that allows reprogramm car key with any type of immobilizer: chip, smart key, card, and so on.

An attempt to save money by calling a cheaper private master can lead to the fact that the car does not recognize the duplicate, indicated by an icon on the panel, and blocks the engine. Eliminating this problem will cost much more than ordering the chip reprogramm from our company.

Do not address an order to program the immobilizer chip replacement to individuals, even if they offer very cheap rates: the risk is too great. The programming of chips and keys of all types is one of the specializations of our company. We offer the perfect quality of service at reasonable prices. Contact us in case of unforeseen problems with access to the car.

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A programming of a car key is made for various reasons, the main of which is the loss or breakdown of the original copy. Locks have a special structure, so it is quite difficult to manufacture an element that will provide long-term, unhindered access.

If models that are 20 or more years old are equipped with simpler locks, then modern car key mechanisms have many levels of protection against theft, so not all craftsmen can make high-quality duplicates.

Having lost access to the vehicle, determine what happened to the original unlocking mechanism. If it was broken or deformed, it makes sense to call the locksmith in Greater Manchester for a replacement copy, and if lost, then you need to change the locking device.

Our masters will be very careful about solving the problem. They are quite efficient and can open the car in the shortest possible time, if there is such a need, and make a high-quality analogue car key. But remember, the company operates exclusively on a legal basis, and we provide our services only to those who have proof of their ownership.


A duplicate key is made on the basis of the original car key, fragments of the unlocking device or the core of the lock mechanism. Please note that it is rational to order a replacement copy if you know for sure that the original key did not fall into the hands of ill-wishers.

The complexity of a lock for a modern car is so high that the key can only be produced using branded blanks. There are different types of locking devices. The simplest ones can be replaced in a short time, and you will be sure that only those who have a new key have access to the car.

The situation is significantly different if a new key element of this type is needed. The anti-theft system of any modern car is an expensive and complex system. Programming a car key with a chip is a way to quickly regain control of a vehicle. Key with an immobilizer is not cheap, but it will cost incomparably less than updating the anti-theft system.

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Fast car keys programing near you in Blackrod

Car key duplication is a complex replacement procedure, for which special equipment is used. The slightest mistake will cause the anti-theft system to block the car engine. Our locksmith company in Greater Manchester has all the necessary equipment, highly qualified specialists and recommendations from hundreds of satisfied customers who ordered their car key from us.

Contact us at any time of the day; you will be satisfied with the efficiency, quality of work and reasonable prices. In our workshop, you will receive a key chip programming for a car with autostart function in just half an hour, and you can check it right in the parking lot.

Our specialists use high-quality equipment for programming chips, adapted to work with most popular car brands, so autostart will work correctly throughout the entire period of vehicle operation. Each manufacturer tries to make the key chip unique and protected from unauthorized access, using a variety of options. There are several ways for programming:

  • Ordinary copying of the code to the prepared key blank.
  • Prescribing to the control unit by connecting via diagnostic devices.
  • Transferring transponder codes into the control unit by dump.

Regardless of the car model, our masters will find an approach to it and efficiently program a duplicate car key. If necessary, our masters will select the best way to open the car door without the key, repair the lock, make a duplicate car key on the spot and perform all other related operations.

We are responsible for the safety of the entrusted property, therefore, if in the process of opening the lock, some damage turns out to be inevitable, the owner will be notified immediately.

Our specialists handle the case replacement in 15-30 minutes. In other cases, the time, as well as the cost of repairs, depends on the type of damage.

We guarantees adequate prices, the fulfilment of its obligations, the use of high-quality polymer parts and high accuracy of fitting the elements.

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I used Locksmithservice24 recently. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent service and workmanship.It is good to find a tradesman you can trust.




I used Locksmithservice24 recently. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent service and workmanship.It is good to find a tradesman you can trust.


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I used Locksmithservice24 recently. I would recommend them without hesitation. Excellent service and workmanship.It is good to find a tradesman you can trust.


Frequently asked questions

  • Are your locksmiths local?

    Yes! All our locksmiths actually live within the locality they serve or close enough for a short commute. Not only does this mean they can be with you quickly (usually within 30 minutes) but it also means you are helping to support a local business rather than a company which has no interest in your community.

  • How can I pay for work?

    We accept all major debit and credit cards and will also take cash on site. Payment can be made via a card terminal carried by our locksmiths or payments can be made by calling our head office and a receipt will be given.

  • What should I do while waiting for the locksmith to arrive?

    Please make sure we have a valid contact number for you (mobile/neighbours landline, etc) and that you are able to answer the phone in case the locksmith has problems locating you. Please don’t tamper with the lock yourself as you could cause additional damage which may prove expensive to repair.

  • How do your locksmiths open doors?

    Our locksmiths open doors using specialised techniques, knowledge and experience. They’re trained to open doors using the latest non-destructive techniques and tools to get you back in without unnecessary damage to your locks or doors where possible. See our article How do locksmiths open doors? for a more detailed explanation of the process.

  • Do you offer a guarantee?

    Yes! Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at LocksmithService24. Our work is guaranteed with a 12 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and 90 days guarantee on all workmanship and our customer service team is available 24/7 to discuss any queries on 0161 9496 0194. We’re also CHAS accredited and ISO9001 registered which demonstrates we take our health & safety responsibilities seriously.

  • Are your locksmiths vetted?

    All of our locksmiths are DBS checked and professionally trained for your peace of mind and security. A DBS check (previously known as a CRB check) is a list of records that show an individual’s Cautions, Convictions, Reprimands and Warnings and can also include information held by the police.

  • How long will it take for the locksmith to gain entry?

    If the lock is a standard rim cylinder type (Yale/Euro Cylinder) then in most instances entry can be gained within a matter of minutes. More complex locks such as five lever mortice deadlocks will take longer due to their inherently secure nature.


We give 10 month manufacturers warranty on all parts and60 days guarantee on all workmanship our customer service team online and available 24/7 to discuss any queries on


LocksmithService24 is CHAS accredited and OHAS18001 registered which demonstrates we have proven our ability to consistently provide products and services which meet customer take our health & safety responsibilities seriously and applicable regulatory and statutory requirements.

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